Rick DeVito from Indianapolis
1965 Pro/Street Ranchero, 408W with           
Cleveland 4v Heads,Toploader 4-Speed,
9" Curry 3rd member, Moser 31 Spline axles
Thanks for Everything,
Scott, Jim & Brandon
* If you are an Automotion Customer, please
send us a photo & small paragragh to
Rick Alford Outlaw 10.5 Nova. Rick was vital
to the build up of Automotion  Race Cars to
what it is today. Ricks' car is under a 25-2
certification build by Bill Carter to run Outlaw
10.5 in 2009.
Kevin Scott in his NMRA supercharged
5-speed Real Street Mustang placed 5th in the
country this year. Congratulations to Kevin. In
the 9's with a stock 150k mile short block,
way to go.

Kevin is working on a new motor for next
year, that should put him deep in the 9's.
Gary and Wes May, two of our most
loyal customers for years. Both cars
were built by Gary and Wes, and are
beautiful pieces.Their hard work and
dedication pay off with many wins.
Congratulations to both of them for
another great year.
This beautiful 57 Chevy belongs to the
Oricks out of Tennessee. The Oricks are
new customers for Automotion. Running a
small block, single turbo, the car has been
4.30's, and hope to be running some 4.0's
this coming year by putting the car on a diet,
and turning up the boost.